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Stage and Street photographer
New York – Rio de Janeiro

I use photography as a means of self-expression and self-knowledge. It involves passion and enthusiasm. Besides shooting stage, since 2005 I have photographed city streets such as Rio de Janeiro and New York. It is in the midst of these cities’ chaos I find the peace I need for shooting everyday life.

As said in the nineteenth century by the Brazilian writer, João do Rio, in his book The Enchanting Soul Of The Streets… “the streets are full of sweat in the mortar of your pavement”. This is what I want to show in my pictures – the grittiness that is an inherent part of the soul of a community. Photographing everyday people on the street inspires my curiosity and helps me understand myself within their context. I shoot as a means to interact with people, and to express my interpretation of their world. I use photography as a medium in order to better express my feelings and point of view.

I shoot in both color and black and white. In black and white, I find myself. It shows a sensitive and interference-free world. I see color in monochrome images, filled with texture, volume, and different tones of gray.

My choice for a particular subject is related to the intensity and poetic beauty that the scene conveys. This does not mean I only shoot beauty in the conventional ways. Poetry is found in pain, sorrow, and suffering as well as in social injustice and indifference.

Robert Frank and Richard Sandler influence me. I am drawn to artists that photograph with a minimalist sensibility in contrast to what is more often seen in society. I immerse myself in an interior world to inspire and document a story that would otherwise be lost in a blink if there were not black boxes.


About Caique Cunha

Caique Cunha is a stage (music, theater and dance) and street photographer based in Rio de Janeiro and New York. He originally studied marketing but eventually turned to photography and finished his photography studies at International Center of Photography and School of Visual Arts, both in NY.

The youngest son of a military father and stay-at-home mother, Caique was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1979). When he turned 11, his parents gave him a Polaroid camera. He then decided to take some basic photography courses and later, he began to take photography more seriously.

Caique is an admirer of traditional photography and highly influenced by the 80’s pop phenomenon, a decade full of great reference. He has published in magazines such as L’Officiel as well as in some Brazilian media.

In 2013 “Loneliness in Black and White” was released at the artist’s website. The online exhibition generated excellent rates of visitors. It brought together 20 images from Caique Cunha’s collection shot between 2008 and 2013. The exhibition examined the relationship between loneliness and the photography in black and white. The images showed the deconstruction of the myth of the relation between solitude and sadness.

Recently Caique incorporated the analog photography in his creative process. Under the influence of his tutor Richard Sandler, Caique began to shoot using a Leica M4-P camera. The first photographs were produced in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, famous district in Brooklyn/NY. These photographs were shown for the first time at the main floor of the School of visual Arts, in Manhattan and it has been seen by more than 20,000 people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Currently, Caique Cunha is the Photo Manager in the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Exhibition review: “Getting great images requires a solid working practice and an eye for detail… Take a look at this Brazilian photographer’s work.” — Anetta G. Heller from Camerapixo Magazine (June, 6th 2013). So raw and brimming with reality” — Agora Gallery‘s director Angela Di Bello (December, 11th 2014).



2014-2015 | Street Photography under instruction of Richard Sandler, New York
2014 | Continuing education in Theatre, Dance, Musicals, School of Visual Arts (Joe Sinnott), New York
2013 | Continuing education in Stage Photography, Escola de Artes Visuais Ateliê da Imagem (Marian Starosta), Rio de Janeiro
2013 | Continuing education in Black and White Process, International Center of Photography (Keisha Scarville), New York
2011 | Professional Photography, New York Institute of Photography, New York
2008 | Continuing education in Photography, Escola de Artes Visuais Ateliê da Imagem (Paulo Batelli), Rio de Janeiro
2006 | Continuing education in Marketing, Instituto COPPEAD de Administração, Rio de Janeiro
2005 | B.A. Business Administration, Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro


2018 | TBI – TBI // Museu dos Correios // Brasília, DF / Brazil
2018 | March 29th – May 27th // Espaço Cultural dos Correios // Fortaleza, CE / Brazil
2018 | February 01st – March 3rd // Espaço Cultural dos Correios // Juiz de fora, MG / Brazil
2017-2018 | November 11th – January 07th // Centro Cultural dos Correios // São Paulo, SP / Brazil
2017 | August 17th – September 22th // Casarão 34 // João Pessoa, PB / Brazil
2017 | July 22nd – July 29th // Casa Galeria Galpão // 27 Festival de Inverno de Garanhuns // Garanhuns, PE / Brazil
2016 | July 30th – September 10th // Palácio dos Correios // Niterói, RJ / Brazil
2016 | May 18th – July 24th // Centro Cultural Correios // Rio de Janeiro, RJ / Brazil
2016 | January 04th – January 29th // School of Visual Arts // New York, NY / USA

2015 | July 25th – August 15th // Glicerina Café & Galeria // Rio de Janeiro, RJ / Brazil

2016 | March 09th – March 13th – “Branco” // Festival de Fotografia de Tiradentes (Foto em Pauta) // Tiradentes, MG / Brazil
2015-2016 | December 12th – February 26th – “Branco” // Ateliê Oriente // Rio de Janeiro, RJ / Brazil
2015 | January 15th – February 04th – “Open call” // Coohaus Art Mora Gallery // New York, NY / USA

2015 | September 24th – “No muro” // 11º Paraty em Foco // Paraty, RJ / Brazil
2015 | September 12th – “Foto na parede” // Ateliê Oriente // Rio de Janeiro, RJ / Brazil

2014 | December 01st – December 31st – 4th Annual “Open” Online Art Competition //
2013 | June 5th – September 5th – “Loneliness in Black and White” //


2016 | Nominee Award in City for “Williamsburg” series – By Photogrvphy Grant 2016
2015 | Special Award on “Thaysa” – By Alumni Portal Deutschland contest “Mobility around the globe – How people and goods travel from A to B”
2014 | Special Award on “The Grand Central Terminal” – By Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
2013 | Special Award on “The Grand Central Terminal” (International Salon of Fine Art Photography) – By Indian Visual Arts Foundation
2012 | Special Award on “Thaysa” – By Lanxess Elastomers contest “Mobility”


Art Festival:
2015 | Latin American Art Festval // San Diego, CA / USA
2017 | 27 Festival de Inverno de Garanhuns // Garanhuns, PE / Brazil


2015 | “Movimento”


Print Media:
L’Officiel Brasil magazine
Caixa Econômica Federal magazine
Brasil Telecom magazine
Petroflex magazine
Lanxess Annual Report


Debbie Gibson Official Website (
São Paulo Escola de Teatro Website (


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